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Stay in touch with reliable voice mail

Samsung Voice Mail is a critical aspect of any business telecommunications system. Even businesses with 24-hour availability need voice mail as a back-up to ensure your customers are never without access to you. Samsung offers a convenient system with easy set-up.

• Access Your Mailbox: Press the Message button

• Enter your Password: 0000

• Change Your Password: [#][7][1]

• Record Your Name: [#][7][2] – Follow voice mail prompt to record your name only. This recorded name plays to your callers when they are transferred through the Auto Attendant.

• Record Your Mailbox Greeting: [5][7] – Follow voice mail prompt to record your greeting. This is the greeting that plays to your callers when you do not answer your phone.

User-friendly setup for your system

Your telecommunications system should be as unique as your business. Customizing this system enables you to keep contact with your clients and within your company in the way that meets your productivity and service goals.


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