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Telephone Instructions

Outside calls will light green on your phone. Any steady light indicates the line, phone or feature is in use. A fast flashing green light indicates a new call ringing in. A slow flashing green or red light indicates a call is on hold. A slow flashing amber light indicates a recall to your phone.

All keysets are speaker phones. Pressing the Send key will answer a call on the speaker phone. You may switch to the speaker phone by simply pressing the Speaker button and hanging up the handset.

Speaker Phone

All keysets use the Up and Down arrow keys to adjust the ringer volume while the phone is ringing, the speaker volume while the speakerphone is in use and the handset volume while you are listening.


If the background music is turned on at your phone the volume keys will also control the level of music. The volume of pages heard through the speaker of your phone can be adjusted during a page announcement.

Volume Controls

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If you do not wish to be disturbed with any phone calls you may press the DND key and all calls will immediately go to your voice mailbox. If you do not have a DND Button on your phone you can dial 401.

Background Music

While on-hook, press the Hold button to hear music. Press the Hold button again to turn the music off.

Caller ID Review

• Press the Caller ID button

• Press the Review ‘Soft Key'

• Scroll through the Caller ID list using the up and down keys

Select Ring Tone

While on hook, press Transfer and dial 111 Dial 1 – 8 or press the up and down keys to hear each tone. When you hear the tone that you prefer, press Transfer to save it.


To leave a message for another extension in your building: Press # + the extension number. To record a quick memo for yourself:  Press # #

Parking and Holding Calls

When you are connected to any outside call, press PARK * . Your display will indicate to you which Park Orbit the call is in 0 – 9. Alternately, press an available Park Button (Park 0 – Park 6)

To Park a Call

To Retrieve a Parked Call

To retrieve a Parked Call press Park + Orbit Number (0-9). Alternately, press the Park Button that was announced. Your call will then appear on your first available Call button (Call 1 – Call x).

To Place a call on System Hold

When you are connected to any call, press the Hold button. The call will flash green at your keyset. To take the caller off hold, press that key and the green flashing light will go steady green again.

Transferring Calls

While on a call, press the Transfer key and dial the extension number If the called party does not wish to take the transfer you may press Transfer or the Return Soft Key and you will be returned to the calling party.

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