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Protect The Performance Of Your System

Maintaining the performance and reliability of your telecommunications systems is essential to keeping your business operating efficiently. Maintenance agreements are designed to ensure your equipment is properly cared for and your entire system is protected.

Your maintenance agreement is designed to provide you with exceptional services and a fantastic value. To further this value, your first 2 years in your agreement are completely FREE. Just sign up for at least a 3-year commitment and you will not be charged for your first 2 years. When you are under our maintenance agreement your maintenance rates are GUARANTEED not to increase for 5 years.  

SAVE With Your Agreement

At some point, your equipment will fail. This is not a possibility, but an eventuality just as it is with any other system. This doesn't mean, however, that you have to deal with costly and frustrating consequences due to these failures. When disaster strikes, be sure your down time is limited with on-site and off-site backup solutions.


These protect your phone system programming, voice mail prompts, and system dependent menus so your restoration is fast and streamlined. Emergency backup supplies of all of your hardware components reduce delay in getting back up and running after an emergency failure.

Be Prepared For Disasters

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